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Media Empire Strikes Back...

Defeats Democracy (Special Update 4/22/00)

According to Alexander Cockburn writing inthe May 8th issue of The Nation, Congress, after intense lobbying by media interests voted to defeat low power radio... ...

Despite strong opposition from the National Association of Broadcasters, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was going ahead with plans to test implementation of low-power radio in the Washington DC area,  the  Washington Post reported March 30th.

In an equivalent of community access cable TV, or even a mini-Internet, low-power offers a democratization of radio increasingly the preserve of wealthy media monopolies.

But the media is not taking this lightly. According to an earlier story in the  Philadelphia Inquirer , the broadcasters
fear interference from these new stations. In fact, journalist Stephen DiLauro writes, they do fear interference with their future plans to implement digital radio and to keep their media monopoly  (more...) 

Prison-Industrial Complex "hires" its Two Millionth "Employee"!!!

On February 15, our nation's prisons incarcerated its two millionth prisoner, less than nine years after first reaching the one million mark  Long surpassing incarceration rates of the former Soviet Union, the United States is by far the most prisoner-intensive society on earth.

According to an article in the Boston Globe , the US now accounts for 25% OF ALL PRISONERS ON THE PLANET, despite having only 5% of the world's population. A large proportion of them are non-violent drug and alcohol offenders. Of course, this is good news for prison industries who use them for making everything from coats to travel reservation, according to author and filmmaker  Michael Moore .

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Gov. Bush sets Execution Record...

Police Use Red-Light Running to Push Surveillance...

Don't Marry a Millionaire, Marry a Congressman (They're Richer)....

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