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 Health News They Don't   Want You to Hear!
Daily Health News
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Cell Phones May Cause Cancer, After All, Researcher Says...

According to an article published in the  Albion Monitor last October, researcher George Carlo, hired by the cellular industry found strong links between brain cancer and cell phone use.  He was then fired from the project.  According to writers Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weismann, Carlo was removed from the project after some $2.5 million dollars of  $27 million funded was  spent, because his methodology was showing what they didn't want to hear--a definite link between cell phone use and the disease. He also found that digital phones were interfering with cardiac
pacemakers  (more...)


Unlabeled Irradiated Meat Now Served in Restaurants...

As of March 1, 2000, irradiated beef, pork and lamb are being served to unsuspecting restaurant goers, according to  ABC News .
Marketed as a "test run", the article states that consumers will have a chance to vote with their pocketbooks on irradiation. Unfortunately, an earlier  article in the same source points out that the FDA compromise allows restaurant suppliers, unlike supermarket suppliers to deliver the food unlabeled. 
Don't expect to see much irradiated food to show up labelled at the meat counter--meat suppliers don't need to worry about those fickle consumers when they can sell to the huge restaurant industry with no labelling at all. 
Why irradiate meats? According to the food industry to extend shelf life and prevent E. Coli. What they don't tell you is that its also to dispose of radioactive cesium, an industrial by-product that can  now be sold to food processors.


Coming Soon...

Sunscreens may cause cancer, not prevent it...

Controversy about mammograms hushed up by Mass Media...

Researchers target, attack Vitamin C...

MTBE to be removed from gas...

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