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Presidential Brother Explains Presidential Character

Provo, UT March 2, 2002.

Neil Bush, presidential brother and Savings and Loan Scandal poster-boy, was  in Utah on Friday to campaign on behalf of 2nd Congressional District candidate Timothy Bridgewater and speak at the Utah County Republican Lincoln Day dinner.  Although he didn't talk much about his role in the early 1990's financial debacle, he did cast some light on the current Leader of the Free World.

Bush told the audience and the Provo Valley Herald that even though George W. Bush is president, Neil Bush can still see in him the 16-year-old who gave him and his younger brother 10 seconds to start running down the hall before firing BB pellets at them.

Bush said he was an easy target, but said it was a learning experience.

"He is a man of faith," Bush added.

One local resident suggested that's how Bush rationalizes being a Christian with supporting the National Rifle Association, which opposes background checks to prevent murderers and other criminals from getting firearms.  "Trust God and duck," he said.

A Bush supporter defended him, "If they're going to take my President away from me, they're going to have to pry him from my cold dead fingers," he said between sips of Polygamy Beer.

But another resident commented, "Most of us go through the BB gun phase at ten or twelve.  The interesting thing is that he didn't outgrow it by sixteen, in fact, maybe he is still in it."

When the Herald contacted the White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer,  he denied the President was still playing Cowboy and Indians.  He does still want Osama Bin Laden "dead or alive," though, he admitted. When asked a follow up question, Fleischer gave the reporter ten seconds before he started firing, an official reported.

Source:   Valley Herald, March 2, 2002